RMI-IIOP Example with oc4j 10.1.3.x

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I have been trying to follow the rmi-iiop how to:


with oc4j 1013x. I experienced some issues and noticed some changes in the documentation compared to the previous versions.


So I recreated the example to run with the latest oc4j and noted the following additional requirements:

1. The client stub generation command has changed.


You need to specified the '-iiopClientJar stub_jar_filename' parameter during deployment.

First start oc4j with command:

java -DGenerateIIOP=true -jar oc4j.jar

Then deploy the application to generate the client stub as follows:

java -jar $J2EE_HOME/admin.jar
ormi://localhost admin welcome
-deploy -file filename
-deployment_name application_name
-iiopClientJar stub_jar_filename

2. The client must have the ejb_sec.properties defined.


In the example, the ejb_sec.properties contains the following properties:


3. The client requires the following 2 system properties:


4. The client requires jazn.jar to be included in the classpath.

You can download the example from here. Follow the steps in the readme.txt to run it.

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